Testimonials from our program participants and supporters

All the medical science I’m going to present to this community over the next 10 years is not going to work without having Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) on my side. I’m convinced that the healing therapies provided by ITK’s Hospital Heroes will alter the function of your genes. Because if we reduce your stress level when you come to the hospital, we will be doing something beneficial to the function of your genes…this cooperation between complementary therapies—along with the new science of genomic, personalized medicine—will bring our community to the best medical care in the entire world.
— Fayez Ghishan, MD, Pediatric Chief of Staff, Banner Diamond Children’s Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona 
Over the last year, the team from ITK has been providing services to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; to sick babies, their parents, and to the staff in the NICU. It has been a great helpful experience. One of my patients who has a dependence problem said ‘I never liked to be touched by any person, but after the team worked with me, I feel more confident now and that’s helped me’. As a physician, I received services from ITK and I appreciate their services.
— Dr. Mohammad Bader, MD

Some statistics show that a child has a better chance of surviving cancer than the parents of a child with special needs have of staying together. A child with special needs is a demand on parents’ resources—time, energy, not only physical and financial, but emotional—and it really takes a toll, so when a family comes to the retreat, the whole family is cared for.
— Jamie Lakin Kelley, LCSW and ITK Board Member

Shay, Thank you for your leadership of ITK. I really appreciate the comments you shared from the mom who has experienced the positive energy and healing that is ITK. When I worked with families who have a child with a disability, I came to understand how important it is to treat the whole family. They are the ones who live 24/7 with the challenges and the love that is their journey. ITK is based on that belief and it does so much to love and support these families. I am honored to be an advocate for ITK and look forward to a new year of growth for this beautiful group of caring people.
— Congressman Ron Barber, Child Advocate & ITK Board Member

Thanks so much for your willingness to go the extra mile for Nick (pediatric cancer
patient)…Can’t imagine what we would do without your amazing ladies [Hospital Heroes] with Integrative Touch for Kids. Your healing touch is so important to our patients and their families’ well-being on all levels. Thank you.
— Kate Perry, LCSW, Banner University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ, about ITK’s Hospital Heroes Pediatric Integrative Therapy Program at Tucson’s largest children’s hospital

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The first thing that struck a chord with me is the fact that the whole family is provided with tools, support, kindness, love and information [by Integrative Touch for Kids programs]. The whole family is looked at as a family that has a disability: it is not just the child that has a disability. When you have a child with a disease or disability the whole family is impacted, just as the whole community is impacted.
— Ellyn Gold, Ph.D., Tucson, AZ
My beautiful son, Larry, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7. Larry’s fight for life became a parent’s worst nightmare—navigating life in and out of hospitals…taking an emotional and physical toll on our entire family. We were very fortunate though…the presence of healing touch, listening kindness and loving thoughtfulness provided by the Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) therapists became an integral part of our family’s ongoing healing journey. Thank you ITK for providing life changing tools that improved the entire Ronstadt family’s life…you were there every step of the journey.
— Tiana Ronstadt 
My whole life I never expected I would be diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. The service provided to me from your company has been the most effective and enjoyable experience of my whole situation. Thank you so much and I hope your company can grow and help more people heal with such an amazing service.
— Child in the hospital
We just had to reach out and say how thankful we are today that we found Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK). Our family attended the Healing Circle this past Sunday and it was amazing. Our kids cannot stop talking about and it and asking when they can go again. It filled our cups full and gave us more than we even knew we needed. Thank you all so much. Please let us know how we can stay involved and participate in future events. My kids told me to sign up again and again. LOL We have 4 kids and money is always tight so to have events like this that nourish our entire family at little to no cost was amazing. We cannot thank you all enough. Happy Thanksgiving...thankful today for finding ITK!!!!
— Mother of four, three with special needs

This retreat idea needs to spread. It’s amazing! It’s what families want and need, but haven’t been able to find until now.
— Mother of two, with special needs
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First of all a Big Thank You. What an amazing experience. What you had organized, so lovingly and thoughtfully, with all those beautiful volunteers for so many families in need, was simply
fantastic. Such a healing environment and energy. I left with a sense, deep in my core, that this idea, [the Healing Circles] concept needs to spread. It is fabulous and it is what people need. Also the work of the volunteers, what these young people get to see and experience…it is so valuable for them personally, and for society as a whole. Again, thank you, you are truly making a difference. 
— Mother of a son with special needs

Today we took a break from our therapy-filled life to truly relax and reflect on this past year that
challenged me, and continues to do so, beyond my capabilities. Thanks to Integrative Touch for Kids, Joseph and I were part of something that exceeded any expectation I could have had. We spent the day alongside other families with extra special kids receiving massages, acupuncture, sound therapy, healing treatments and group therapy while our kids enjoyed being KIDS…Seeing the joy on their faces as they played with the other children, therapy dogs, sensory-friendly games and activities was enough to warm my heart for a lifetime. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and bonds were formed. The parents of children with special needs are some of the strongest I have ever met and I am proud to be one of them. Instead of crumbling, we conquer; instead of fleeing, we fight. Having two children on the autism spectrum has affected our entire family…so to be a part of something that appreciates the need of treatment for the entire family is something I will hold near and dear to my heart…To all the parents fighting this fight, we are in this together; take care of yourself before attempting to take care of others. Find joy, don’t lose hope, and most importantly…breathe.
— Mother of a two, with special needs

I was hoping to feel part of this gathering and you all made me feel exactly that! And I learnt a lot about how this beautiful holistic approach to challenged families – with all the volunteer work – needs to be spread worldwide! You were all so kind, loving and helpful, way beyond my expectations! I am amazed! The physio healing felt like the most amazing, deeply personal healing experience. The group talk (women) with Molly E was deeply moving and gave us all, I believe, a sense that we are not alone – but sharing suffering. It left me with a sense of deep gratitude.
— Mother of a daughter with cancer

Getting to know others that are going through similar situations; we are not alone. I love your volunteers; they are so caring making us feel at ease leaving our kids with them.
— Mother of a son with autism

What worked well was being able to let go. Meeting new amazing people. Giving my family an opportunity to relax. The most meaningful experience today was connecting with other moms. Having someone embrace and welcome my son. You are all awesome and we need you.
— Mother of a son with autism

Yes, expectations were met. The professionalism and support available were very impressive. The sound therapy was especially helpful/enjoyable. Having the longer period of time to relax and not be aware of the time was really nice. The most meaningful experience was the opportunity to be offered the chance to relax knowing with confidence that our kids are safe and happy. It is a precious and valuable gift to receive as a parent of a child with special needs!
— Mother of a 10 year old son with cerebral palsy 

Exceeded my expectations! This should be all over the world. Bonding with other moms and feeling as if we deserve every second of this day thanks to the wonderful staff. Also watching my kids be kids and see their true joy. You are all amazing for making this available to us all. I am so grateful for your kindness and pure hearts.
— Mother of two sons, aged 2 and 3, with autism

Exceeded expectations! ITK always does. The new friends, connecting with old friends, sense of community and relaxation was amazing! All of it [worked well]! Especially the first mom treatment room and mom support group. Connecting was great.
— Mother of a daughter with autism

ITK visited me and my newborn son again today. He just graduated from the NICU to the Pediatric unit this morning, and while this was a positive change, the sudden move and changes to our environment and routine created a lot of a stress and required quick adaptation. We’ve lived in hospitals since his birth and have been under a lot of stress for an extended time now, so mustering more strength for adaptation is difficult.
— Mom who participated in Hospital Heroes program, 2018
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This was my third experience with ITK and was again an incredibly rewarding and beneficial experience for both me and my son. My stress level has once again been greatly reduced by their visit, which allows me to better support my son’s healing and improvement. Feeling more peaceful and at ease allows me to clear the anxiety and noise from my mind and better bond with my newborn, whom I’ve only been able to hold and start bonding with for the past couple days since he had been medically paralyzed and sedated for weeks. Their service is so important to our healing.
— Mom whose baby just graduated from the neonatal intensive care unit

My daughter is your banner girl on your Hospital Heroes page. You guys were able to come in today right at the time when she needed the most help. She couldn’t have any more medicine for another hour, and she was in a lot of pain. You soothed her, and helped her get through a very tough time today. And, you helped me as well. Thank you so much for everything you guys do for our children!!!
— Mom who participated in Hospital Heroes program, May 2018

I feel very grateful and lucky to have ITK with us, they always come at the right time when we need them the most. They not only made my son and me feel better but also my little daughter; she felt special and important because they paid attention to her and got her involved in giving me a massage. My son is very relaxed now and I don’t feel any pain or stress anymore. I have no words to describe the huge benefits we get from you, every time we see you we learn something new. You exceed my expectations; you are the best!!!! Thank you so much for blessing me and my family.
— Mom whose son with a chronic illness participated in the Hospital Heroes Program, June 2018
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My experience with ITK was way beyond my expectations. I didn’t think I could experience relaxation at that level while at the hospital, considering the high stress of our situation with our newborn in critical condition. Because of the stress I’ve been experiencing, it has been difficult to provide adequate amounts of breastmilk while pumping. Immediately after my experience with ITK, I pumped more milk than I ever had before. I hope that will continue. I think the program is amazing and invaluable, and am so thankful for the service.
— Parent who participated in the Hospital Heroes program, 2018