collaborating with the Children's Clinics

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are embracing outpatient palliative medicine to complement and expand upon the work that is sometimes started during an acute care palliative care consultation. Earlier palliative care consultation and integration in the outpatient setting can decrease hospital cost expenditures and improve patient experience and overall quality of life.

Similar to palliative care in the hospice or inpatient setting, the use of a multi-disciplinary team in the outpatient setting is a crucial component in allowing for full assessment and management of the four corners of wellness – physical, social, psychological and spiritual.

ITK is collaborating with the Children's Clinics' to serve patients at their Palliative Care Clinic. The clinic serves low-income children with complex medical conditions. Teams of ITK therapists work at the clinic to provide integrative healing therapies and wellness education to patients and families. All services are provided free of charge. This program serves children with chronic pain and life-limiting illnesses. This program is pioneering! It is the first free-standing palliative care clinic in the United States, not affiliated with a hospital, that includes integrative healing therapies and wellness education for the whole family - thanks to ITK!  


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