Integrative Touch for Kids has a strong Research and Evaluation Committee. We are committed to measuring outcomes on all of our programs. We have had two doctoral dissertations completed on our hospital and healing retreat programs. Across all of our programs our average participant satisfaction score is 9 out of 10. We have submitted our research to peer-reviewed journals for publication.

Hospital Program Outcomes

  • Strong evidence to support decreases in pain and fear/distress/anxiety

  • Increases in global/overall well-being

  • High levels of satisfaction (mean ≥ 9.0) and top-box rankings for likelihood to recommend the hospital overall

  • After a single Integrative Touch™ therapeutic session we measured:

    • 60 percent mean reductions in pain

    • 62 percent mean reductions in anxiety

    • 52 percent mean increases in well-being

Healing Retreat Program Outcomes

  • Statistically significant decrease in negative emotions and increase in positive mood state

  • Increased confidence in ability to perform certain care needs (p < .001)

  • Ability to relate better to others

  • Ability to see new possibilities

  • Content analysis indicated that the biggest benefit for the families was being in a supportive community and having an increase in positive emotional states

  • At six-months post-retreat an increase in receptivity was additionally reported

  • Families experienced being in a supportive community

ITK’s research, evaluation and results are far-reaching. Program studies and family feedback show that our programs: relieve children’s pain and fear, strengthen the entire family’s coping ability and well-being, enhance comfort care at the end of life, decrease social isolation, and help kids respond better to medical treatments.



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