The Integrative Touch™ Hospital Program will provide more than 1750 sessions in 2019


Imagine what it feels like to be a kid too young to understand why scary, painful things are happening to them in the hospital. Our therapists help kids cope with painful medical treatments, chemotherapy, and long hospital stays. Maria, an 8-year-old waiting for an organ transplant, struggled with treatment-resistant pain and depression. After a series of Integrative Touch™ sessions with her hospital therapists, nurses were happy to see this young patient struggled less with pain, slept better, and smiled more often. Every day the little girl asked, “When are my Integrative Touch™ therapists coming to visit me again?”

The Integrative Touch™ Hospital Program provides therapy and wellness education to hospitalized children (from premature babies to young adults in their 20's) and their families at Banner Children’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. This past year, our Research and Evaluation Committee completed an evaluation study of the hospital program and found significant outcomes using validated and reliable measures. Pre and post session evaluations show 60% reductions in pain, 62% reductions in anxiety, and 52% improvements in global well-being. 85% of program participants rated their satisfaction as a perfect 10 out of 10.


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