In 2019, ITK will bring together over 500 people to experience our cutting-edge Healing Retreats


At Healing Retreats, kids receive wellness education, fun activities, and a strong sense of community support, while accessing therapies that assist in pain management, improve quality of life, and empower them to be part of their own healing. Participants interact with other kids in the community, play, have fun, and learn the power of compassion and understanding for their peers with special medical needs. Their parents engage in wellness education and support groups, allowing family members to better support the child. Through our programs we help to relieve kid’s pain, alleviate families’ worry and stress, enhance the health and well-being of the whole family, and bring smiles to their faces.  From a 13 year old retreat attendee: “I liked being in a place where I could be myself. I really liked meeting people who didn’t judge me when I said I couldn’t do something because of my disease or that I was just too tired.  I never had to worry about what other people thought. That’s because the other families we were with had gone through a lot of the same scary stuff me and my family have gone through…. My Mom and I have (become) ITK volunteers because we want to help make the retreat possible for other kids and their families because we got so much out of it.”

ITK has held Healing Retreats for almost a decade. These events range from one week to one day programs. Currently, we're offering day long retreats called Healing Circles. They are a place for families with kids with special needs to receive integrative wellness therapies free of charge.

Therapies include Integrative Touch™, bodywork, acupuncture, sound healing, energy therapies, animal, play, art, and movement therapies like yoga, Tai chi and many more. Each Healing Circle is an opportunity to come together, connect with other families, and discover a community of healers who can provide ongoing support.


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