In 2018, ITK will bring together over a hundred families to experience our cutting-edge Healing Retreats


ITK has held Healing Retreats for over a decade. These events range from one week to one day programs. Currently, we're offering our one day events called Healing Circles. They are a place for families with kids with special needs to receive integrative wellness therapies free of charge.

Therapies include bodywork, acupuncture, sound healing, energy therapies, animal, play, art, and movement therapies like yoga, Tai chi and many more.

Families come together in a circle comprised of healing arts practitioners who deliver services over the course of an afternoon. Kids can receive treatments and also are able to play with a team of junior volunteers who have crafts, games and art activities at the ready. Each Healing Circle is an opportunity to heal together, connect with other families at the event, and discover a community of healers who can provide ongoing support.

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