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ITK is in the process of developing course work to teach Integrative Touch™ on a broad scale and the Community Clinics support that vision. We are collaborating with Intuition Wellness Center so we can provide Integrative Touch™ services free of charge to our broader Tucson community. Therapists see children and parents in this program but also serve the community at large. This provides an opportunity for our healing team to practice Integrative Touch™ with our community and to develop the curricula for future trainings. The prerequisite for participation is that you are in need of healing work. Participants are asked to come prepared to answer the question, “What would you most like to heal in your life right now?”

Each session is custom tailored to the person the team is working with and is held in strict confidence. Participants can choose to have their session videotaped for educational purposes if they feel comfortable with that decision. The contact us page can be used to make an email request for services. The clinic typically has a wait list. Integrative Touch™ is provided on a donation basis and participants are asked to contribute at their level of ability. Sessions are held at TKD Wellness, 5671 N. Oracle, Suite 2105, Tucson, AZ 85704.


ITK is a community of professional and general volunteers. Interested in making a difference in the life of a child in your community? Click here to volunteer today!

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