Wellness Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind are two of the most important things you will need in your lifetime. There are many resources for maintaining physical health, such as; gyms, sports, hiking, biking, yoga and more. In the past years since the new age of smart phones, resources for maintaining mental health have become plentiful. In 2019 we are lucky enough, to have personalized guided meditation instruction at the click of a button, to help our minds get through whatever the day may throw at us.

Living in a world where it seems like everything costs money, its a pleasant sight to see that most of these wellness apps have free offerings! There are even apps for children to practice mindfulness and wellness as well. Calm is an app that has an adult and children’s version. In their recent updates to the app they have created Calm School. Calm School is a way for teachers to have the opportunity to teach their students mindfulness. Calm Classroom defines mindfulness as "being aware of what we are paying attention to in each moment." They are committed to “cultivating peaceful, engaged classrooms and school communities by empowering students and teachers with mindfulness skills that support mental and emotional well being.”

These apps, are an easy step to add into your daily routine. Taking just a couple minutes out of your day, to center yourself and really pay attention to the sate of your mind, can make a whole world of difference in the quality of your life.

Here are some apps you can find on the app store that have both IOS and Android versions. Take a look and figure out which best suits your lifestyle needs and give it a try! A healthy mind is a happy mind, after all. “Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

Adult Wellness Apps


  • You can schedule personal meditation at convenient times throughout the day.

  • Can help with stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

  • The app will learn what helps you and create better meditation exercises for you based on that information.

  • You can create a Gratitude journal on the app to keep track of things you are grateful for and get reminders..

  • Aura also had life coaching sessions you can choose to do.


  • Helps you sleep better in just five minutes with a personal mindfulness coach.

  • Breethe has a guided meditation series with inspirational talks and master classes from a mindfulness coach.

Calm :

  • Provides relaxing sounds

  • Although its free there are some in App purchases you can make that people say help with keeping a regular meditation schedule and there is a subscription option.

  • There are short meditations you can use through out the day.

  • Masterclasses are available.


  • You can use Headspace on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Headspace can help you build regular routines in the morning and night.

  • Headspace has meditation activities you can use while running or doing any other physical fitness.


  • This app is an extension of a real word meditation studio in New York.

  • There are different exercises within the app such as “conquering deadlines.”

  • You can also use this app to set intentions and you can choose categories like creativity or calm.

  • You can also download the mediation exercises to use off line.

Insight Timer:

  • The app has 10 or more free guided meditations added to the app everyday.

  • There is a community feature that you can use to have discussions with other app users.


  • This app is good for both meditation beginners and gurus.

  • Your can track how much time you spend meditating.

  • Available in different languages.


  • Sattva draws from Vedic principles of meditation and features meditations, chants, and mantras delivered by Sanskrit scholars

  • You can track your progress with the meditation journal and browse through collections and playlists designed to inspire your sessions.

Stop, Breathe & Think:

  • Will recommend meditations for you to do throughout the day.

  • Teachers can use some activities within this app for classroom warm ups.

  • There are meditations aimed at middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college-age students. They include yoga, acupressure videos, and a breathing timer.

Kids Wellness apps

Breathing Bubbles:

  • Allows kids to recognize what they are feeling and work on dealing with their emotions.

  • Guides them through their emotions using cute cartoons and other visually appealing images.

Calm Kids:

  • Helps with relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Provides music and other calming sounds.

Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids:

  • Stop, Breathe & Think Kids offers children a fun and easy way to identify and process their emotions.

  • Helps them mellow out before bed time.

  • Gives kids fun activities that actually help them to calm down.

Take a Chill:

  • This app teaches kids how to deal with anxiety and stress and incorporate new practices into their daily routines.

  • It can help with test stress and study anxiety.

Stay tuned! We are certain there will be many more great wellness apps coming out in the future and we will be sure to share them with you.