Smile and Kindness Cards and Gifts are delivered to over 600 kids each year

The Smile and Kindness Project delivers cards and gifts to families and children with special medical needs. Most items are given to children in the hospital supported by our Hospital Heroes Program. A hospital stay can be frightening, not only for patients but also for their family members. It can be especially difficult for a child who may not fully understand why they need to be hospitalized or undergo scary medical tests and procedures. 


Smile Cards are brightly colored, cheerful messages, created by ITK volunteers. They are hand drawn cards with happy faces and positive affirmations for hospitalized kids and their siblings. Positive affirmations for good health can have beneficial effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Kindness Cards have heartfelt messages written especially for parents.

Smile and Kindness gifts are comfort items that provide warmth for hospitalized families. These include soft blankets and stuffed animals that inspire and comfort children during tough times. We are currently holding events where children from the community are able to create Stuffed Polar Bears that symbolize strength, protection, and well-wishes. These Bears are then gifted to kids in the hospital through our Hospital Heroes Program. This project is made possible through a partnership with WeeWork for Good. Check out our 'Events' Page to learn more about our upcoming Smile and Kindness gift creation events!


ITK is always looking for volunteers to help us make Smile and Kindness Cards to deliver to hospitalized children and their families. Interested in making a difference in the life of a child in your community? Visit our volunteer page.

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