Each Hospital Playdate serves more than 100 people

Bring a Hospital Playdate to every Children's Hospital!


ITK created Hospital Playdates with the aim of providing engaging community play opportunities for families with children of all ages and abilities.

1) Children benefit from playing together

2) Families with special medical needs often feel isolated and alone

3) Hospitalized children and their siblings often yearn for socialization and play opportunities

4) The greater community benefits from learning to play with children with special medical needs

 5) Increasing ITK’s visibility in the community helps other families to learn about our services

Hospital Playdates are a gathering of ITK families, volunteers, and kids from the greater community who come together to offer hospitalized kids and their families an afternoon of joy and relaxation. ITK's Hospital Playdates include fun games, art activities and wellness practices for kids and parents alike while various integrative wellness therapies are provided in the Healing Room-- free of charge.  

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Make a Difference

ITK is a community of professional and general volunteers. Interested in making a difference in the life of a child in the hospital?

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When And Where

Playdates are offered to children of all ages and abilities in a children's hospital. Interested in bringing your family out to attend an ITK Playdate? 

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