Each Healing Retreat week serves more than 350 individuals and is supported by over 8500 hours of volunteer time

ITK Healing Retreats serve as the single largest pediatric integrative medicine retreat in the country providing more than 100 different integrative healing therapies. Retreats are educational and experiential and serve as a catalyst for change and new possibilities for everyone involved. Children with special medical needs, their primary caregivers and siblings experience integrative healing services and classes, participate in support groups, while connecting with other families and volunteers. Junior and General Volunteers learn how to support, engage, and interact with families with kids with special needs.

Children and families benefit from the network of support that is created and from the complementary and integrative health therapies that complement conventional medical approaches. Therapies such as massage, meditation, acupuncture, life coaching and others are beneficial in the management of stress, anxiety, and pain, and support healing for the mind, body, heart and spirit.

how can I help?

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How can My Family receive care?

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